No, chinchillas cannot eat tomatoes. It’s not safe to feed your chinchillas tomatoes because they’re too acidic. 

Tomatoes also contain high amounts of water, sugar, and phosphorus, which can lead to stomach problems, neurological issues, and brittle bones in chinchillas. 

Tomatoes are too sugary and moist for their sensitive bellies and can cause them diarrhea or other digestive problems.

Tomatoes contain a compound called solanine, which is toxic to some animals, including chinchillas. Solanine exists in higher concentrations in the leaves and stems of the tomato plant, but it is also present in the fruit itself.

What Can Happen If Your Chinchilla Feed Tomato

If your chinchilla eats tomatoes, it could face several health problems. Here’s what could happen:

1. Digestive Issues

Tomatoes are high in sugar, which can upset your chinchilla’s stomach and cause bloating, diarrhea, and discomfort.

2. Bone Health

Tomatoes contain phosphorus, which is harmful to chinchillas. Consuming too much phosphorus can lead to brittle bones in your pet.

3. Kidney and Bladder Stones

Chinchillas digest food quickly, and the high phosphorus levels in tomatoes can contribute to the formation of kidney or bladder stones. If left untreated, these issues could be fatal.

4. Neurological Problems

The acidity of tomatoes can also cause neurological issues in chinchillas.

5. Toxicity of Other Parts

Not just the fruit, but tomato leaves, vines, and other plant parts are also poisonous to chinchillas.

If you must feed your chinchilla tomatoes, do so very sparingly and in tiny amounts to reduce the risk of health problems. However, it’s best to avoid tomatoes altogether in your chinchilla’s diet to keep it safe.

Keep an Eye Out

If your chinchilla munches on some tomato, monitor them closely for the next 24 hours. Look for signs of:

  • Loose or watery stools
  • Lack of appetite
  • Lethargy or unusual behavior

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Insights from veterinarians or chinchilla experts:

Veterinarians and chinchilla experts ‌ advise against feeding tomatoes to chinchillas due to their acidic nature and potential for causing digestive issues.

They emphasize the importance of sticking to a diet that primarily consists of hay and pellets, which provide essential nutrients and fiber for chinchillas’ digestive health.

Experts recommend offering occasional treats like small amounts of safe fruits and vegetables, but they do not recommend tomatoes because of their potential risks.

Literature or Research on Chinchilla Nutrition:

Research on chinchilla nutrition highlights the need for a balanced diet that meets their specific dietary requirements.

Studies often emphasize the importance of high-fiber foods like hay for maintaining proper digestive function in chinchillas.

While there may not be specific studies focusing solely on tomatoes and chinchillas, the consensus from existing literature is to avoid feeding tomatoes to chinchillas because of their potential negative effects on digestion and overall health.

Recommendations Regarding the Inclusion of Tomatoes in Chinchilla Diets:

Experts and available research do not recommend including tomatoes in chinchilla diets.

Chinchilla owners should prioritize offering a variety of safe fruits and vegetables in small quantities as occasional treats, while ensuring that the majority of their diet consists of hay and pellets.

If considering introducing any new foods into a chinchilla’s diet, it’s essential to monitor their response closely and consult with a veterinarian if there are any concerns about potential adverse effects.


  1. Can Chinchillas Eat Tomatoes? (Read Before You Feed!)