Can opossums eat chickens? It’s a question that often crosses the minds of backyard poultry keepers. Understanding the dynamics between these two creatures is crucial for the well-being of your flock. In this exploration, we delve into real-life examples, shedding light on opossum behavior and potential risks to your chickens.

Understanding Opossum Behavior

To comprehend the risk, it’s essential to understand how opossums behave in the presence of chickens. Opossums are opportunistic feeders, often scavenging for food. 

Opossum Chicken Diet

Opossums are opportunistic omnivores with a diverse diet that may include chicken. While they are known to eat eggs and young chicks, live, healthy adult chickens are unlikely to be targeted unless the opossum is desperate. It’s important to be aware of the times when possums might become more daring, and secure coops accordingly to prevent any potential conflict.

Chicken for Opossum Nutrition

Chicken can contribute to the nutritional needs of opossums. Including chicken in their diet provides a good source of protein and other essential nutrients. Opossums should be fed a balanced diet that mimics their natural foraging habits, and incorporating chicken can be part of a varied and nutritious menu for them.

Is Chicken Safe for Opossums?

Chicken is generally safe for opossums, but precautions should be taken. It’s crucial to offer cooked chicken rather than raw, reducing the risk of potential pathogens. Additionally, boneless and lean cuts are preferable to avoid any choking hazards and provide a balanced diet for opossums.

Is Chicken Safe for Opossums
Is Chicken Safe for Opossums

Can Opossums Consume Raw Chicken?

While opossums are opportunistic feeders, it’s advisable to avoid feeding them raw chicken. Raw meat carries the risk of bacterial contamination, which could be harmful to opossums. Providing cooked chicken ensures a safer and healthier option for their diet.

Cooked Chicken and Opossums

Cooked chicken is a suitable addition to an opossum’s diet. It offers essential nutrients and reduces the risk of potential infections associated with raw meat. When preparing chicken for opossums, it’s best to offer boneless and lean cuts in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Opossum Dietary Habits

Opossums exhibit omnivorous dietary habits, consuming a variety of foods ranging from fruits and vegetables to small animals. Mimicking their natural diet in captivity ensures optimal health. Chicken can be included in their diet as a protein source, contributing to their overall nutritional needs.

Feeding Possums Poultry

Feeding possums poultry can be a nutritious option, but it should be part of a well-balanced diet. Poultry, including chicken, can offer essential proteins and nutrients. Care should be taken to provide cooked and boneless options to ensure the safety and health of the opossum.

Effects of Chicken on Opossum Health

Chicken can positively impact opossum health when included in a balanced diet. The protein content in chicken contributes to muscle development and overall well-being. However, excessive or unbalanced feeding can lead to health issues, emphasizing the importance of moderation and variety in their diet.

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Effects of Chicken on Opossum Health
Effects of Chicken on Opossum Health

Opossum-Friendly Chicken Recipes

Creating opossum-friendly chicken recipes involves offering cooked, boneless, and lean cuts. Mixing chicken with other suitable ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables, ensures a diverse and appealing diet for opossums. Experimenting with recipes can provide enrichment for these animals.

Opossum and Chicken Cohabitation

Opossums and chickens can cohabitate with proper precautions. Securing coops, especially during vulnerable times like night, reduces the likelihood of conflicts. Providing separate feeding areas and ensuring the safety of both species promotes harmonious cohabitation.

Best Chicken Cuts for Opossums

When offering chicken to opossums, lean and boneless cuts are ideal. Chicken breasts or similar cuts provide protein without the risk of bone-related issues. Carefully selecting and preparing chicken cuts ensures that opossums receive a safe and nutritious dietary option.

Opossum Foraging Behavior with Chicken

Opossums exhibit natural foraging behavior, and incorporating chicken into their environment can stimulate mental and physical well-being. Introducing chicken in a way that encourages foraging engages their instincts and promotes a more enriching captive environment.

Calcium, Calories, and Vitamins in Chickens:


Chickens are a good source of calcium, especially for laying hens. A 3-ounce cooked skinless chicken breast contains about 53 mg of calcium, which is 5% of the Daily Value (DV). Laying hens require much higher amounts of calcium, around 4 grams per day, to produce eggshells. This is why their feed is often supplemented with calcium carbonate.


The calorie content of chicken varies depending on the cut and cooking method. A 3-ounce cooked skinless chicken breast contains about 165 calories. Chicken thighs are generally higher in calories than breasts, and skin-on chicken will have more calories than skinless.


Chicken is a good source of several vitamins, including:

  • Vitamin A: Important for vision and immune function.
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin): Helps convert food into energy and supports nervous system function.
  • Vitamin B6: Involved in energy metabolism and red blood cell production.
  • Vitamin B12: Essential for nerve function and red blood cell production.
  • Vitamin D: Helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus.

Benefits of Opossums Eating Chickens:

While it’s true that opossums are natural predators of chickens, attributing specific “benefits” to their predation might be subjective and depend on your perspective. Here are some potential consequences, both positive and negative, to consider:


  • Pest control: Opossums are effective at eating insects, rodents, and snakes, which can be pests for farmers and homeowners. By consuming these animals, opossums can help to control their populations.
  • Disease control: Opossums are resistant to rabies and many other diseases that can affect other animals, including chickens. This makes them less likely to spread these diseases to other animals or humans.
  • Scavengers: Opossums can help to clean up dead animals, which can help to reduce the spread of disease and attract other pests.


  • Predation of poultry: Opossums can and will eat chickens, which can be a significant economic loss for farmers.
  • Nuisance animals: Opossums can be messy eaters and may damage property in search of food or shelter.
  • Public perception: Some people find opossums to be unattractive or frightening, and their presence may be unwelcome in some areas.

Ultimately, whether or not opossums eating chickens is “beneficial” depends on your perspective and priorities. If you are a farmer concerned about protecting your poultry, then you will likely see opossums as a negative force. However, if you are concerned about pest control or disease management, then you may see opossums as a positive addition to the ecosystem.

Can opossum eat chickens: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Symptoms:


  • Missing or injured chickens
  • Scratches or bite marks on chickens
  • Disturbed or spoiled chicken coop bedding
  • Presence of opossum droppings near the coop
  • Unusual behavior in chickens, such as increased stress or fear


  • Physical examination of chickens for signs of bites or injuries
  • Inspection of the chicken coop for entry points or signs of opossum activity
  • Surveillance or monitoring of the coop area to observe any nocturnal visits by opossums


  • Secure the chicken coop by repairing any gaps or openings that may allow opossum entry
  • Install motion-activated lights or deterrent devices to discourage nocturnal visits
  • Use live
Can opossum eat chickens Symptoms, Diagnosis, and TreatmentSymptoms
Can opossum eat chickens Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Symptoms

Does a snail killer kill an opossum that kills snails?

It seems there might be some confusion in the terminology used. There is no specific creature commonly referred to as a “snail killer” in the context of a predator. Opossums, on the other hand, are known to eat a variety of foods, including insects, small rodents, fruits, and other small creatures, but they are not typically specialized snail predators.

If you are referring to a chemical or substance that is designed to kill snails (like a snail bait or pesticide), it’s crucial to understand that using such chemicals can have unintended consequences on the environment and wildlife. Opossums and other animals may be exposed to the toxin if they consume contaminated snails, and this can have harmful effects on them.

It’s generally advisable to use environmentally friendly and targeted methods for pest control to minimize the impact on non-target species. If you have concerns about snails or pests, consider consulting with a pest control professional or local extension service for guidance on effective and safe methods for your specific situation.

Differences Between Gerbils and Opossums

Lifespan2-3 years2-4 years
HabitatBurrows, grasslandsForests, urban areas
Social behaviorSocialSolitary
Predation on chickensNoYes
Differences Between Gerbils and Opossums


In conclusion, understanding the dynamics between opossums and chickens is vital for any poultry owner. By incorporating protective measures based on real-life examples, you can create a safer environment for your feathered friends.

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FAQs about  can opossum eat chickens

Do opossums eat chickens?

Yes, while opossums primarily scavenge for insects, fruits, and carrion, they are opportunistic omnivores and will readily consume chicks, eggs, and even adult chickens if given the chance.

Are opossums a major threat to chickens?

Not necessarily. Their scavenging nature and general laziness often lead them to easier prey. However, during times of scarcity or if they find a vulnerable coop, opossums can pose a significant threat.

Are opossums beneficial in any way?

Absolutely! They are natural pest control experts, devouring insects like snails, slugs, and beetles. They also help keep tick populations in check.

Should I kill opossums if they are near my chickens?

Opossums are generally beneficial wildlife and play an important role in the ecosystem. Lethal control should only be considered as a last resort if all other preventative measures have failed.

Are there human ways to deter opossums?

Yes! Motion-activated sprinklers, loud noises, and bright lights can effectively scare possums away without harming them.

What if I find an injured opossum?

Contact your local wildlife rehabilitation center for assistance. Do not attempt to handle the animal yourself, as they can bite or hiss if they feel threatened.

Are there other animals I should be concerned about besides opossums?

Raccoons, foxes, and coyotes can also be predators of chickens. Implement similar preventative measures to protect your flock from these animals as well.

Where can I find more information about opossums and chicken safety?

Your local wildlife extension office, humane society, or animal control agency can offer valuable advice and resources.